The New-and-Emerging-Threats Edition Saturday, February 25, 2023

Apple Responds To Report About Thieves Spying On iPhone Passcodes To 'Steal Your Entire Digital Life', by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

In response to the report, an Apple spokesperson said “security researchers agree that iPhone is the most secure consumer mobile device, and we work tirelessly every day to protect all our users from new and emerging threats.”

“We sympathize with users who have had this experience and we take all attacks on our users very seriously, no matter how rare,” the spokesperson added. “We will continue to advance the protections to help keep user accounts secure.” Apple did not provide any specific details about any next steps it might take to increase security.

Apple Should Really Invest In Anti-theft Security Features For iPhone And iPad, by Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

But the first thing Apple should do is remove the option to reset the Apple ID password using just the iPhone and iPad passcode. This is extremely alarming for a company that claims to be concerned about privacy and security. Most people use weak passwords for their devices, and Apple itself offers a 6-number PIN as the default option for iOS.


'Marathon' Is Letterboxd For TV Shows, by Jake Peterson, Lifehacker

True to the pitch, Marathon makes it easy to track the shows you watch. The app pulls show data from JustWatch, so you should have no problem finding virtually any program you’re following.


How Spotify's Podcast Bet Went Wrong, by Max Tani, semafor

Spotify was a one-company podcast bubble. Its drastic cuts have triggered a podcast winter, as the small studios it helped support consolidate and lavish narrative productions wane. But rivals from tech giants Amazon and Apple to the radio company iHeart have found better returns on more cautious bets. Spotify’s pivot has more in common with the recent cuts to Hollywood’s spending on streaming television.

The Streaming Services That Are Priced Right - And The Ones That Miss The Mark, by Christofer Hamilton, The Wrap

The pricing landscape has shifted a bit since the last time we looked at this. For example, when Apple TV+ made their first price increase since launching, the new price point meant that the platform looked overpriced relative to the competition. However, looking at the data for Q4 we see that as other platforms have increased prices, Apple TV+ again looks like a good deal for subscribers.

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You know we are supposed to verify your data backups, to make sure they can be restored in an emergency? (The International Verify Your Backups Day is on every Friday the 13th.)

Maybe we should also practice how fast we can lock a lost or stolen phone / tablet / computer?


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