The Satellite-Location Edition Sunday, February 26, 2023

Satellite Data: The Other Type Of Smartphone Data You Don’t Hear About, by Tommy Cooke, Alicia Sabatino, Benjamin Muller, and Kirstie Ball, The Conversation

By using critical code and documentary research methods, we found that raw satellite location measurement data are perpetually created in our devices all the time.

Because satellite data are building blocks used by our phones to determine where we are, they don’t always get turned off—nor are they collected and treated the same way as location data.

Apple Exploring Use Of Tech Sensors For Detecting Mental Health Problems: Sumbul Desai, by Ayushman Kumar, Moneycontrol

During the Fireside Chat event, Sumbul Desai emphasized the importance of validating signals that could indicate a clinical condition and the significance of contextual information in the research.

“We view it as a journey to go on, to be able to understand not just physical health, but holistic overall health and mental health as an important part of overall health. So we're excited to see what we'll learn through that research,” she added.

On The Internet, Nobody Knows You’re A Human, by Kate Lindsay, The Verge

Over the past few years, AI tools and CGI creations have gotten better and better at pretending to be human. Bing’s new chatbot is falling in love, and influencers like CodeMiko and Lil Miquela ask us to treat a spectrum of digital characters like real people. But as the tools to impersonate humanity get ever more lifelike, human creators online are sometimes finding themselves in an unusual spot: being asked to prove that they’re real.

Almost every day, a person is asked to prove their own humanity to a computer

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