The Production-Tests Edition Monday, March 6, 2023

Apple Readies Its Next Range Of Macs, Including — Finally — A New iMac, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Apple Inc.’s next iMac desktop is at an advanced stage of development called engineering validation testing, or EVT, and the company is conducting production tests of the machine.


While development of the new iMacs — codenamed J433 and J434 — has reached a late stage, it’s not expected to go into mass production for at least three months. That means it won’t ship until the second half of the year at the earliest. Still, this is a great development for anyone disappointed that Apple’s all-in-one desktop hasn’t been updated in nearly two years.

macOS Photo Screen Savers Still Don’t Properly Display Rotated Or Edited Images, by Adam Engst, TidBITS

This is not a subtle bug, though when my parents complained about it, it took me a little while to figure out what was different about the affected images. The problem is simple: Apple’s photo screen savers display only original, unedited images in Photos. If you’ve edited an image, including rotation, the screen saver ignores your changes, referring to the original image stored separately in Photos.


There are workarounds, but you’re not going to like them because they waste disk space and require regular maintenance to include new photos.

My Friends Having My Location Through The Find My App Eases My Fear As A Woman, by Kya Buller,

‘Did you get home safe?’ is a phrase that all women know well.

But for my friendship group, that reassurance and sense of security now comes in the form of an iPhone app, ‘Find My’, in order to know where we all are at all times.


If Apple Loves Music So Much, Why Can't It Get Streaming Right?, by Dan Moren, Macworld

The digital music experience has certainly changed in the intervening years, especially with the rise of streaming over the past decade, but when it comes to Apple’s take on the act of listening to music, well, there are some things that frankly haven’t changed enough. It sometimes feels like Apple believes that digital music is a solved problem, with the company sitting back and dusting off its hands, but there are definitely places where the music listening experience could be improved.

How To Log Off, by Rhiannon Williams, MIT Technology Review

In search of ways to cut down on aimless time online, I went to talk to some experts about how to forge a healthier, happier relationship with my devices and the internet. Here's my mini-guide on how to log off.

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No new colors for the new iMacs? That's strange, coming from a company that doesn't even stick with the same shade of black/gray on an iPhone from year to year.


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