The Prime-of-Career Edition Monday, March 13, 2023

Apple’s New Challenge: A Wave Of Key Executives Leaving The Company, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Most of the recent departures were of Apple veterans, people who have been at the company 15-plus years. But in the case of its design and services vice presidents, among others, Apple lost executives in the prime of their careers who could have, one day, potentially reached the senior vice president level.

Moreover, I’ve been warned that this flurry of exits may just be the beginning. There are quite a few vice presidents at Apple who have been there for decades and could retire in the next few years.


How To Use One Keyboard With Two Macs, by Glenn Fleishman, Macworld

If you’re in the unique situation of needing to use two Macs at once, the task can be made easier if you can control both of them with one keyboard. Here are a couple of ways to do it.

How To Use Your Apple Music Subscription For All Your Wellness Needs, by Angela Yates, MakeUseOf

Apple Fitness+ is such a comprehensive service that it’s tempting for Apple users to look no further for their health and exercise needs. But if you subscribe to Apple Music as well, there’s a lot of great content in the Apple Music Wellbeing section to help with your wellness as well. Take a look at how to use every element of the Apple Music Wellbeing catalog to get the most out of this aspect of your streaming subscription.

“I Tried An Audio Training App To See If It Could Help Me Mix Up My Workouts”, by Lauren Geall, Stylist

It’s a simple concept, but being able to listen into your workouts rather than watch them on a screen allows you to really focus on what you’re doing with your body, and I was definitely able to push myself harder as a result.

TuneIn Rolls Out Its Immersive Map Experience For Mobile Listeners, by Lauren Forristal, TechCrunch

TuneIn Explorer lets users access over 100,000 local AM/FM radio stations from nearly every country in the world. The feature has been available on the web since mid-February, but now TuneIn is expanding it to mobile devices.


Apple, Atari, And Commodore, Oh My! Explore A Deluxe Home Vintage Computer Den, by Benj Edwards, Ars Technica

In a world where millions of people carry a 1990s-grade supercomputer in their pockets, it's fun to revisit tech from a time when a 1 megahertz machine on a desktop represented a significant leap forward. Recently, a collector named Brian Green showed off his vintage computer collection on Twitter, and we thought it would be fun to ask him about why and how he set up his at-home computer lab.

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Something was wrong with the latest episode of Liason over at Apple TV+. Well, the actual show is still good. (So far.) But the subtitles on my version of the TV app is messed up. the app simply refused to always show me English subtitles / captions at all times.

I forgot which is which, but no matter if I chose English or English CC as subtitles, I will either only get English subtitles when the dialog is in French and no subtitles when the dialog is in English, or I get English subtitles when the dialog is in English and French subtitles when the dialog is in French.

(No, I don't know French.)

In the end, out of frustration, I chose Simplified Chinese (which I understand) as subtitles.


Also, what's up with Apple app designers who think we are all perfect human beings that fit into perfect use cases? The TV app on iPad is so bad when watching TV+ shows (at least). One wrong touch on the screen, and the show either forwards or rewinds goodness know how many minutes.


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