The Recommended-Sleep-Duration Edition Sunday, March 19, 2023

Garmin And Apple Studies Show How Badly We're Sleeping – And How To Fix It, by Mark Wilson, TechRadar

Smartwatches from the likes of Garmin and Apple now come with some impressive sleep-tracking skills – and a pair of new studies from the two companies show the wearables can also give us fascinating insights into our collective shut-eye. The short answer? Most of us could definitely be sleeping better.

The new data from Garmin's Sleep Score study and the 'sleep health' component of the Apple Heart & Movement Study has tracked the shut-eye of participants over two different periods during 2022. The broad conclusion from both studies is that around 70% of us are falling short of the recommended sleep duration or quality.

The Death Of Google Glass Is A Reality Check For Apple, by David Price, Macworld

Apple needs to look at the things Google got wrong, and the obstacles it was unable to overcome, and find a different path… or simply hope that the market has changed enough that the same methods will now be more successful. That’s where the importance of timing comes in.

Apple's 16-inch M2 MacBook Pro, by Bill Bennett, Scoop

Apple’s 2023 16-inch MacBook Pro is an excellent high-end laptop. It has bags of computing power and longer battery life than any other laptop. There are few, if any, departments where its features are not best-in-class.

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I think I'll restart my quest for sufficient sleep duration, starting tonight… I think.


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