The Fight-for-Attention Edition Friday, March 24, 2023

Why Ted Lasso Isn't Helping Apple TV+ Win At Streaming, by Lucas Manfredi, The Wrap

Part of the problem may be misapplying a playbook Apple refined in hardware for the very different business of entertainment. “Apple has always focused on developing fewer, highly-designed and expensive products that are beloved by the brand’s already-bought-in fans around the world,” Lawrence said. “They appear to be taking the same approach with the development of content for Apple TV+ and this has put them at a distinct disadvantage in the current fight for attention.”

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watchOS 9.4 Will Prevent You From Accidentally Silencing Your Apple Watch's Alarm While Sleeping, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Apple says that a wake-up alarm set in a Sleep Focus mode will no longer be silenced with the "Cover to Mute" gesture starting with watchOS 9.4. This means if the palm of your hand happens to cover your Apple Watch's display for three seconds while sleeping, the alarm will no longer be silenced unintentionally.


Apple Stops Allowing Sprint iPhone Activations, Removes Sprint References From Online Store, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

Apple is no longer allowing customers who purchase an iPhone, cellular iPad, or Apple Watch to activate a device with now-defunct mobile carrier Sprint. Apple has also removed remaining references to Sprint from its online store.

Hands-on: Fitness Stats 2 Adds Custom Averages, Comparisons, And More To Lifetime Activity Totals, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

Fitness Stats originally launched in 2020 as a simple and handy way to see your lifetime activity details across 12 categories including exercise time, calories, steps, cycling, running, walking, and swimming workouts (now that’s over 20). Today the app has received a major update with a new way to compare your activity based on custom time periods, see averages across days, weeks, months, and years, additional stats, custom sharing, and more.

Genius Scan For iOS Gets Auto Expense Reports, Doc Type Detection, More, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

Along with the handy expense reports feature, Genius Scan now automatically recognizes different document types like receipts or business cards and will offer smart actions.

LucidLink Offers Streaming Vision Of Cloud-Based Storage, by Adam Engst, TidBITS

There’s no reason to switch to LucidLink from the likes of Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud Drive if all you need is cloud storage and basic collaboration. However, if you’re pushing against the limitations of those services, particularly with audio or video work, LucidLink is worth a look.


Wallaroo: A Journey From iOS To macOS (Part 2), by Craig Hockenberry, IconFactory

In every app, there’s code you hate writing, but do it anyway. Shipping is better than perfection!

Here are our less-than-proud moments in Wallaroo for the Mac.

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