The Deep-End Edition Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Apple’s New Classical Music Streaming Service Has A Philly Accent — And Some Flaws, by Peter Dobrin, The Philadelphia Inquirer

But the biggest challenge in using Apple Music Classical is confronting that vast catalog, and that’s by design.

Classical music, because of its age and size, may be the deep end of the musical pool. We Philadelphians, however, can wade into it with an advantage. Put the city’s name in the Apple Music Classical search field and feel the civic pride. You get not just thousands of tracks of the Philadelphia Orchestra, but also our choirs and early-music groups — and of course, performers past and present from Marian Anderson to Jonathan Biss.

The Case Of The iPhone Case Poll, by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

I’m not a materials engineer and I have no suggestions for a material to replace glass. I’m just saying that ideally, Apple would find a material that looks good, feels good, isn’t slippery, allows inductive charging and wireless signals to pass through, and is crack and scratch-resistant. Also: lightweight. At the moment, only unobtainium seemingly fits the bill.


Apple To Cut Small Number Of Jobs In Some Corporate Retail Teams - Bloomberg News, by Arunima Kumar, Reuters

Apple Inc is eliminating a small number of roles within its corporate retail teams, Bloomberg News reported on Monday, citing people familiar with the matter.

The layoffs would impact what Apple calls its development and preservation teams, the report said, adding that the number of positions being eliminated could not be ascertained and was likely very small.

From 'The Brick' To The iPhone, The Cellphone Celebrates 50 Years, by Michelle Delgado, Smithsonian Magazine

“Hi, Joel? It’s Marty Cooper.”

Engineer Martin Cooper cradled a bulky object to his ear, listening. The gray device had two rows of numbered buttons between the ear and mouthpiece. An antenna poked from the top, reaching skyward to pick up invisible signals from the city’s jangling atmosphere. Next to the sidewalk, cars and taxis zipped down Sixth Avenue through midtown Manhattan. It was April 3, 1973, and Cooper had just placed the world’s first cellphone call.

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Will everyone fly over to Apple Park, put on a headset, and watch the WWDC keynote video alone in their own reality? :-)


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