The Massive-Presnce Edition Sunday, April 9, 2023

These Apps Can Help You Brainstorm And Plan Events With Friends, Family, by J.D. Biersdorfer, New York Times

Thanks to apps that support collaboration, you can get all parties together in the same online whiteboard, calendar, document or other file. And you can get started with free software that may already be on your phone, tablet and computer. Here’s an overview.

Gardening Help In The Palm Of Your Hand: 5 Apps, Phone Tips, by Jessica Damiano, Associated Press

The latest crop of gardening apps and cellphone features may surprise you with their expert garden-planning and planting advice, pest and disease troubleshooting, instant plant and insect identification, and even integrated artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Apple's Irish Subsidiary Profit Rises To $69.3 Billion, by Bloomberg

Apple's main Irish-registered company made pre-tax profits of $69.3 billion last year, as its income soared to $222.8 billion, company filings show.

Apple At Heart Of US-China Selective Decoupling, Gallagher Says, by Daniel Flatley, Bloomberg

“Apple’s at the heart of what is the most complex aspect of this competition, which is companies that have a massive presence in China are going have to deal with the fact that some form of selective economic decoupling is inevitable,” Gallagher said in a phone interview. “It’s going to continue.”

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In a world where one can subscribe for a month of streaming movies (and television shows and maybe even sports entertainment) for less than twenty bucks and watch many many movies, why is the purchase and, more importantly, rental prices in iTunes store still so high?


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