The Notes-to-Himself Edition Thursday, April 13, 2023

‘Make Something Wonderful’, by Jason Snell, Six Colors

The highlight of the book, however, is his Stanford commencement address from 2005. It’s a remarkable speech to begin with, one that will likely be quoted for years to come. But the book also provides Jobs’s notes to himself as he began planning what to say in the speech! (He just kept sending himself emails whenever he thought of something, and because of that quirk, we get to peek inside his thought process.)

7 Most Beautiful Apple Stores In Asia, by Margaux Levy, Tatler

These Apple stores in Asia have become incredible architectural landmarks due to their modern future-thinking designs and minimalist interiors. The majority of these retail stores have been the results of longtime collaborators and global architectural firm Foster + Partners, who have dreamt up architecturally stunning spaces that say true to the brand ethos. Whether designed by Foster + Partners or other notable firms around the world, it is needless to say that each of these destination stores is indeed become the epitome of iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s dictum that “form follows function”.

Making Stuff

Apple Will Use 100 Percent Recycled Cobalt In Batteries By 2025, by Apple

Apple today announced a major acceleration of its work to expand recycled materials across its products, including a new 2025 target to use 100 percent recycled cobalt in all Apple-designed batteries. Additionally, by 2025, magnets in Apple devices will use entirely recycled rare earth elements, and all Apple-designed printed circuit boards will use 100 percent recycled tin soldering and 100 percent recycled gold plating.

Apple In Talks With Suppliers To Make MacBooks In Thailand, by Lauly Li, Nikkei Asia

Apple is in talks with suppliers to make MacBooks in Thailand as the company continues to expand its manufacturing footprint outside of China amid geopolitical uncertainties.


The Apple suppliers involved in the talks already have manufacturing complexes in Thailand for other clients and are discussing possible assembly and production of components and modules for MacBooks, according to sources from three suppliers directly involved in the conversations with Apple.

Apple Leads Charge As India's Smartphone Exports Double In Record Surge, by Manish Singh, TechCrunch

The surge in smartphone exports can be attributed to New Delhi’s concerted efforts and substantial financial incentives, which aim to encourage smartphone manufacturers to expand their operations in India as the South Asian market races to bolster local infrastructure.


Apple Releases tvOS 16.4.1 With Performance Improvements For Apple TV And HomePod, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

The build number for tvOS 16.4.1 and HomePod Software 16.4.1 is 20L498. Apple’s release notes for the updates simply say that they contain “performance and stability improvements.”

Pixelmator Photo Rebrands To Photomator, Adds AI Masking Tools, by Jaron Schneider, PetaPixel

Pixelmator Photo is being rebranded as Photomator and is getting a series of updates including selective adjustments — including artificial intelligence-powered automatic subject, background, and sky selections — linear and radial gradient masks, brush selections, and more.

Lasso Review: Rassle Control Of Your Mac's Finder Windows, by Glenn Fleishman, Macworld

If you want more efficiency, control, and speed in managing windows across one or more displays, Apple’s lack of interest has left room for Lasso, a single-minded utility designed to let you use a grid to move and resize windows quickly.

Truecaller Brings Live Caller ID To iPhone... But With A Catch, by Jagmeet Singh, TechCrunch

To use the new feature, Truecaller subscribers on an iPhone running on iOS 16 or above will be to access live caller ID support by saying, “Hey Siri, Search Truecaller.” This will allow Siri to capture the number appearing on the screen, search for it on the app, then show the result to the user.


Apple’s Local Tax Arrangement With Hometown Comes Under Fire, by Laura Mahoney, Bloomberg

Although Apple isn’t named in the city staff report, the company is Cupertino’s largest source of sales tax revenue. According to the audit, revenue will drop to $11.4 million in the current fiscal year from $42.1 million, and Cupertino may be required to return money to the state that it has received in previous years. The city may have to cut staff and other spending to cover the shortfall.

“This decline in revenue is due to a change in sales tax distributions based on the anticipated outcome of a state audit of one of the city’s taxpayers,” Cupertino said in a written statement. The city is taking early action to inform the council members and community “in preparation for developing budget-balancing strategies as we prepare next year’s budget.”

The End Of The Music Business, by Ethan Iverson, The Nation

Enough money is being made by streaming for some to claim that the music industry is “back” from the nadir of the late 2000s. Others note that Apple Music is simply a loss leader for the company and that Spotify has yet to turn a profit. I’ve heard that new pop artists actively seek endorsement deals to advertise nonmusical products as soon as they’ve acquired management who can ask around on their behalf. Does video game music actually pay? Can we get a gig on Fortnite?

We are a long way from understanding the ramifications of having it all available at the click of a button. Still, music will survive. After all, there was plenty of music before Caruso sold a million records in 1903. If the music industry only lasted a century, so be it. It’s up to the musicians to make the music, no matter what.

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You know what else is missing with Apple Music Classical? Some nice widgets.

Not that the widgets from Apple Music are that great, but at least I can use third-party apps and their widgets with Apple Music. Not so with Apple Music Classical.


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