The A-Better-World Edition Sunday, April 23, 2023

Jane Goodall On Why It’s ‘Desperately Important To Give People Hope’ With Apple TV+ Series ‘Jane’, by Julia MacCary, Variety

I hope that it will encourage them to actually think more about endangered species — to think about the fact that if we’re not careful, many of these species will disappear. I hope it also will encourage young people to join our Roots and Shoots program, which is in 68 countries. It’s about young people choosing projects to help — animals, people and the environment — deciding what they want to do, working out what they can do, rolling up their sleeves and taking action.

So if this Jane Garcia encourages real-life activities, it’ll be great. I hope it will encourage young people to join in the effort to make this a better world, to choose projects that will help to save the environment before it’s too late.

Do You Have ADHD? This Web Browser Is Designed To Make It Easier To Focus, by Laya Neelakandan, Fast Company

The browser, whose third version was released in March, is designed to eliminate distractions and centralizes apps to optimize productivity. Pushkarev says he has always found it odd that there wasn’t a web browser tailored to knowledge workers.

What's That Bird? Merlin Bird ID App Works Magic, by Roman Feeser, CBS News

"Birds are really important because they are indicators of environmental health; basically, what's good for birds is good for humans," said Jesse Barry, program manager of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology at Cornell University.

"Birds are really the canaries in the coal mine in a lot of ways," she said. "They're helping us understand the health of the planet. Right now, all the indicators are pointing to bird populations declining. And so, that's a really critical warning sign for us right now."

But hope is not lost. Barry and her team at Cornell have given all of humankind a chance at redemption – and it's sitting in the palm of our hands, quite literally.

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I've been listening to a ton of "Boléro, M. 81" over at Apple Music Classical today.

No, I am not sophisticated nor appreciative enough to discern the difference between the different performances.

Maybe when Siri gains additional power, it will be able to teach me?


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