The Organizing-Life Edition Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Meet The People Who Use Notion To Plan Their Whole Lives, by Rhiannon Williams, MIT Technology Review

Joshua Bergen is a very productive person.

His secret is the workspace app Notion. Bergen, a product manager living in Vancouver, uses it to plan trips abroad in meticulous detail, with notes and timelines. He uses it to curate lists of the movies and TV shows he’s watched, and records what he thought of them. It’s also a handy way to keep tabs on his 3D-printing projects, map snowboarding runs, and quickly update his cute list of the funny things his kid has said.

It might sound strange, but Bergen is one of a growing number of people using Notion, software intended for work, to organize their personal lives. They’re using it in a myriad of different ways, from tracking their meditation habits and weekly schedules to logging their water intake and sharing grocery lists.

On App Stores

Apple Prevails In Antitrust Battle Over The Future Of The App Store, by Cat Zakrzewski, Washington Post

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with a lower court’s 2021 decision that Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite, failed to prove that Apple’s App Store policies constituted anticompetitive conduct in violation of federal antitrust laws. The Court, however, upheld the lower court’s ruling that Apple ran afoul of California competition laws because it forces developers to use Apple’s payment processing service without allowing them to tell customers about cheaper alternatives.

The appeals court decision could mark a blow to the federal government’s efforts to challenge alleged monopoly behavior in Silicon Valley, amid ongoing litigation with tech giants including Google and Meta, the parent company of Facebook.

Apple Declares 'Resounding Victory' After Decision Reached In Epic Games Appeal, by Kif Leswing, CNBC

"Today's decision reaffirms Apple's resounding victory in this case, with nine of 10 claims having been decided in Apple's favor," an Apple spokesman told CNBC. "For the second time in two years, a federal court has ruled that Apple abides by antitrust laws at the state and federal levels."


Apple Magic Mouse (2023): Undeniably Stylish, Unforgivably Designed, by Beren Neale, Creative Bloq

The Apple Magic Mouse is so frustrating because it is so close to being brilliant, and yet falls short on a couple of really simple features. And Apple continues to make it this way because the company bets that Apple fans are willing to accept a few niggles for the near perfection of other features. That's a hell of a gamble, and, in my opinion, totally unnecessary. The Magic Mouse may just be Apple's most divisive product currently on sale.

How To Use Little Snitch Mini To See Which Mac Apps Are Connected To The Internet, by Justin Pot, Popular Science

This simple program will show you, at a glance, which apps are connected to the web and where those connections are in the world. This can help you spot fishy situations.


Apple Says CarPlay Now Available In Over 800 Vehicle Models As GM Plans To Phase Out Support In EVs, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

CarPlay is now available in more than 800 vehicle models sold in the U.S., according to a recently updated page on Apple’s website. Until last week, the page said the in-car software platform was available in more than 600 vehicle models. Apple added many 2023 and 2024 vehicle models to the list as part of the update.

Bottom of the Page

I haven't been using my iPad for too much things nowadays. It's mostly consumption stuff: watching movies, reading books and RSS feeds, as well as playing Backgammon. However, if I ever get back to my iPad for writing, I'd probably investigate getting a bluetooth keyboard and an iPad stand that allow me to work in portrait mode.

I think Apple got it right with the first iPad dock that oriented the device in a portrait position. Everyone should get more vertical space.

(I suppose my frustration of using my work Windows laptop, with all the title bars and tab bars and menu bars and ribbons and status bar and task bar, is getting on my nerve. So many frigging bars.)


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