The Moving-Money Edition Saturday, April 29, 2023

How Apple Card’s New Savings Account Could Push You To Overspend, by Michelle Singletary, Washington Post

If you are going to park a lot of money for a long time, sure, look for a high-yield deposit account. But if money is moving in and out of your account, the amount you earn in interest isn’t going to be enormous.

Take advantage of cash-back offers and high-yield accounts, but spend just as much of your time making sure you make money moves that don’t start with spending.


'I Use Apple's Cycle Tracking To Monitor My Periods—This Feature Is Why It's Better Than Other Apps', by Leigh Weingus, Parade

While I do think other period-tracking apps are great for people with regular cycles, they can present a challenge for anyone who deals with unpredictability. I love that my Apple Watch not only takes out the guesswork for me but does it in a way that's really easy for me. I don't have to take my temperature or pee on any ovulation sticks, I can just sit around and let it track my heart rate and let me know when my period is coming up. Sounds pretty great, right?

This App Lets You Pin Shortcuts To Your Favorite Albums Right To Your iPhone's Home Screen, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

The app, called “Albums: Music Shortcuts,” lets you create shortcuts to your favorite albums directly via widgets on your iPhone or iPad Home Screen.

Spotify Revamps Mac App With New 'Your Library' Sidebar; Here's How It Works, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

After rolling out a major update to Spotify for iPhone earlier this month, Spotify is now updating its desktop app for Mac a new navigation interface.


YOLO (You Only Launch Once), by Chris Wu

After doing it wrong multiple times I finally had an app launch I was happy with.

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As many have observed, Apple TV+ is becoming more like HBO. I am more willing to check out new series on Apple TV+ than, say, Netflix.


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