The One-Billion Edition Sunday, April 30, 2023

Apple And Amazon 'Committed' To Big Screen, Says Theaters Boss, by Andrew Marszal, AFP

The two tech giants reportedly each plan to spend $1 billion per year on movies headed first for the big screen.


This week, Sony showed footage from Ridley Scott's upcoming historical epic "Napoleon," and Paramount gave CinemaCon audiences a sneak look at Martin Scorsese's "Killers of the Flower Moon," starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Both films were made by Apple, but will be released in theaters by Sony and Paramount respectively.

Fiery Feeds For iOS Added An In-App Split View Mode That I Wish More iPhone Apps Offered, by Federico Viticci, MacStories

Maybe you’re not a fan of this layout (great news: Fiery Feeds has plenty of settings and modes to tweak) but, for me, this is pure, one-handed RSS consumption bliss.

The News Went Viral, by John Herrman, New York Magazine

The death of BuzzFeed News, the unceremonious pivots to nowhere by the bloated social giants, and the ransacking of Twitter by the world’s richest man, however, once again drive home the absurdity of a marriage between the news media and a speculative tech industry that can only conceptualize it as either a threat or as food. The relationship has been broken for a long time.

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I do enjoy watching big-budget movies occasionally, but I also find joy in the lesser-budget films. I don't care about cinemas anymore, but I hope that smaller movies continue to find space in the world of streamers.


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