The Welcoming-for-All Edition Saturday, May 20, 2023

Apple's Swift Evolution Of Fitness+ Is Far From Over, by Jacob Krol, Men's Journal

Trainer Bakari Williams noted that “When you see the yoga instructor that you love, or the cycling coach that you love modifying in HIIT or in strength, I think it creates this sort of connection and camaraderie, whether you can put your finger on it, or whether you just feel it.”

More critically, though, it ties back to inclusivity in that even if a Fitness+ Trainer is an expert in one area, they’re human. It could be a strength expert attempting a yoga workout and making that modification or someone who is not a runner opting to walk on the treadmill for 30 minute cardio workout. This shows you in real-time that if you’re not able to do some moves or exercises, you have other options and can still feel comfortable attempting the activity alongside a fitness professional.


Trainer Dice Iida-Klein noted that “Fitness+ is super unique because it is a team effort,” something that I encountered first hand. He noted that collaborating with all the trainers brings different perspectives to the table and truly helps to design various modifications or even the addition of moves and specific tracks to add in. Iida-Klein summed up that the collaboration on the screen is “really developed behind the scenes” from working together to create the workout, the music choices, and the modifications to make it welcoming for all potential users.

Apple Shares Its First ‘App Store Transparency Report’ With Data On App Rejections, Gov Requests, More, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

This report offers granular information on app removals and appeals, developer account terminations, government requests for app takedowns, and more.

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iOS 16.6 Beta Lays Groundwork For iMessage Contact Key Verification, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

iMessage Contact Key Verification lets Apple device owners verify that they are messaging with the people they intend to message rather than a malicious entity that has intercepted a message or is eavesdropping on a conversation.


Apple's Lightning To USB 3 Camera Adapter Not Working With iOS 16.5, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

The adapter has a USB-A port for connecting a camera, microphone, or other USB-powered accessory to an iPhone or iPad, along with a Lightning port for charging the iPhone or iPad. As of iOS 16.5 and iPadOS 16.5, however, affected users say the adapter no longer powers any devices connected to both of the ports.


Why Don’t The iPhone Pro Models Come In Fun Colors?, by Victoria Song, The Verge

I bought a Pro Max because it’s useful for my job. The camera is good enough that I can leave my ancient Canon at home when I go cover events, I don’t have to worry about grainy videos, I have the option of ProRAW for editing, and theoretically, the battery can last me a good long time on busy days. But would I have preferred the 14 Pro Max in the purple used for the base iPhone 12 and iPhone 14? Abso-freaking-lutely. The problem is that Apple only puts color on its lower-end products. To get a rich, bright, saturated color, I’d have to pick a phone that doesn’t have all the features I want. It’s never fun putting functionality first, but I got this purple pretender of a phone, didn’t I?

Apple Is On The Hunt For Generative AI Talent, by Jagmeet Singh, TechCrunch

The Cupertino company has posted at least a dozen job ads on its career page seeking experts in generative AI. Specifically, it’s looking for machine learning specialists “passionate about building extraordinary autonomous systems” in the field.

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It's a tradition that Apple's earphones are white in color. But I do wish AirPods (both the pro and regular versions) come in different colors. In fact, it will be great if I can buy the left pod in a different color than than the white pod.


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