The Let-it-Go Edition Sunday, May 21, 2023

I’m Dependent On My Phone—and I’ve Never Slept Better, by Elvia Wilk, Wired

I don’t care. The app works. These disembodied voices provide a desperately needed transition period—from day to night, from language to silence, from sociality to solitude. And perhaps most importantly, they ease me from my technologically saturated existence into sleep. The irony is that this transition into sleep is made possible by my phone. I’ve become ever more married to it at the exact moment that I’m supposed to detach from it to rest. This is, perhaps, a paradox worthy of the great meditation teachers, who tell you that in order to find peace, you must let go of the effort to achieve it.

MacBook Supplier Ramping Up Production As 15-Inch MacBook Air Rumored To Launch At WWDC, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

In a research note on Friday, obtained by MacRumors, Morgan Stanley analyst Erik Woodring said Quanta Computer guided for high single-digit percentage growth in the number of notebooks it assembles in the second quarter of 2023, compared to the first quarter. Woodring believes this increase is driven in part by new MacBooks.

All You Need To Know Ahead Of Appeal In Apple Tax Case, by Will Goodbody, RTÉ

The European Commission has said little publicly about the grounds upon which it plans to appeal to the CJEU.

However, only appeals on points of law can be brought before the court.

On the other hand, Apple expects the Commission's focus will have to be on the facts of the case, as the tech firm does not believe there is a legal basis for the appeal to succeed.

Apple continues to hold the view that the case is not about how much it owes, but where it owes it.

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