The Memories-Are-Memories Edition Monday, May 29, 2023

I Looked Through My Old Photos — Mobile Photography's Come A Long Way In 20 Years, by Philip Michaels, Tom's Guide

I don't look at those old photos in my library and despair at their quality — memories are memories and the photos I have represent the best technology I had available at the time. But I do see some of those old photos and appreciate what I have at my disposal now. It's pretty amazing what today's phone makers can squeeze into a camera phone.

Apple’s 2023 Pride Edition Sport Band For Apple Watch Delights With Confetti, by Jacob Krol, Parade

The colors are significant, displaying and honoring the Pride flag, people impacted by HIV or Aids, and marginalized LGBTQ+ communities of color. It’s a very representative band and celebrates the entire LGBTQ+ community.

The First 'Apple Silicon' : The Aquarius Processor Project, by The Chip Letter, Substack

As the 1980s progressed, almost every semiconductor manufacturer and computer maker felt the need to have their own processor design. Apple was no exception.

The Mac was launched in 1984 using the Motorola 68000 processor. By 1986, Apple, along with other firms building 68000 powered machines, could see the performance advantages of using one of the new RISC processor designs.


Gurman: Apple To Begin Accepting Trade-Ins For Three New Mac Models On Day Of WWDC Keynote, by Hartley Charlton, MacRumors

In a tweet shared earlier today, Gurman said that the Mac Studio, 13-inch M2 MacBook Air, and 13-inch ‌M2‌ MacBook Pro, will become eligible for trade-in with Apple on Monday, June 5.

Apple On Cusp Of Becoming First U.S. Company Worth $3 Trillion, by Alain Sherter, CBS News

Apple is edging closer to becoming the first publicly held U.S. company worth $3 trillion. In early trading on Monday, the technology titan's shares nosed up 1%, valuing the entire company at $2.96 trillion, before finishing the day slightly down for a stock market value of $2.88 trillion.


A market capitalization of $3 trillion would put Apple's value roughly on par with the gross domestic product of the United Kingdom, exceeding the GDP of countries including India ($2.9 trillion), France ($2.9 trillion) and Russia ($1.6 trillion).

Actor Sues Apple Studios Over COVID Vaccination Mandate, by KFI

Apple corporate and retail store employees were not required to be vaccinated against the coronavirus if they underwent required testing, but Apple Studios "trampled the rights" of those who worked for the Los Angeles- based subsidiary that produces content for Apple's new streaming service, Apple TV+, the suit states. Anyone who worked on an Apple TV+ production was required to get the shot and submit proof, the suit states.

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Apple doesn't have to announce anything in order to demonstrate its commitment to the macOS platform. It has done enough in the past few years.

On the other hand, I hope Apple can spare some of its resources to also work on tvOS. There isn't too much love demonstrated by Apple on the platform and the Apple TV app. (Apple TV+, on the other hand? In good shape.)


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