The This-One-Announcement Edition Sunday, June 4, 2023

Virtual Reality Start-ups Pin Hopes On Apple To Lure Back Funding, by Patrick McGee, Financial Times

Ori Inbar, founder of Super Ventures, an early stage augmented reality fund, acknowledged that “things have advanced at a much slower pace than we all anticipated”. The Apple event, however, is likely to be an “amazing” catalyst to “drive forward all the investments in hardware, software, tools and applications”, he added.

Inbar is concerned nonetheless that the whole industry is pinning its hopes on this one announcement.

Is Apple's Buzzy New Classical Music App Worth The Hype?, by Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times

As welcome as it is, for instance, to have Selaocoe’s personal introductions to many of his native pieces, the liner notes for the album provide significantly more information and, most important of all, the texts of songs.

Indeed, for a company so invested in “song” — and that is still the term applied for everything when you use Apple Music on the computer — not to care about the words is troubling. My music education, like that of so many others, began as a kid by reading liner notes, many of which could be quite erudite.


Oscar-Winner Kevin Costner's Autio App Will Transform Your Next Road Trip, by Chris Littlechild, SlashGear

We all know that Google Maps features such as time travel street view can be invaluable when you're learning the lay of the land in a new town. What if you want something deeper than that, though? What if you want to look beyond the simple geographical features of an area and learn more about its heart, its soul, and its history? These are the kind of stories that are told by the Autio app — here's how the wonderful app can transform your next road trip.


Air Today, Obsolete Tomorrow? But My Ancient iPad Still Has Value, by Craig Grannell, Stuff

Lengthy arguments with command-line tools and quite a few reboots later, the iPad sprang back to life, in all its iOS 10 glory. I scoured my App Store purchase history and downloaded everything I could find, and sideloaded some missing titles I’d long ago backed up to iTunes by way of iMazing. (Thanks, previous me!)

Far from being obsolete, then, I now consider my iPad Air essential. Today, there are no other ways to revisit ‘retro’ iPhone and iPad games, and so this tablet is like a moment of history, frozen in time. Albeit one you can ‘unfreeze’ for a bit when you fancy a blast on Gridrunner.

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We've heard rumors that the upcoming Apple Reality headset will be able to run iPad apps. But, I am guessing, the reverse must also be true, right? Any apps created for the Apple Reality headset should also run on the iPad. Sure, one may not get the 'full' experience, but surely Apple didn't do all the AR demos over the many years for nothing, did it?

WWDC is almost here, and we will have many answers soon.


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