The Follow-Your-Friends Edition Saturday, June 17, 2023

Apple Music’s Hidden Social Network Is Basic But Great For Discovery, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

You can follow all of your friends, and they can follow you back. On each user’s profile, you can see a breakdown of all their public playlists, what they’ve listened to most recently, and a list of their followers and who they’re following. This makes it easy to find other people you might want to follow as well.

I find Apple Music’s profile system to be a valuable tool for finding new music. People have diverse music tastes, and I enjoy visiting people’s profiles to see what they’re listening to. Being able to view people’s custom playlists is also very useful.

Music Video Shot On iPhone 14 Pro Shows Its Storytelling Power, by Jeremy Gray, PetaPixel

Musical artist Grant Knoche’s new music video for his song “First Hello” was shot exclusively on an iPhone 14 Pro, showcasing another example of how artists use iPhone’s impressive video capabilities to produce professional-caliber content.

Japan To Regulate Smartphone App Stores To End Apple-Google Duopoly, by Kyodo News

The Japanese government said Friday it plans to implement a new law that regulates smartphone app stores to promote easier market access for third-party developers and spur competition amid the Apple Inc. and Google LLC duopoly.

The envisaged law would make it mandatory for the dominant smartphone operating system providers to allow the entry of third-party app stores if they are deemed safe, government officials said.


Apple Mac Studio (2023) Review: The M2 Ultra Rips, by Monica Chin, The Verge

The sense I get from speaking to Alex and from other professionals who use Apple’s desktop hardware is that the M1 Ultra is so fast that speed is no longer a hang-up in their workflow. The biggest bottlenecks in Alex’s current workday tend to be glitches in Premiere and other software he has to use, which is something I hear from folks in video and graphic design all the time — in the age of the Ultra, raw power is just not a limitation for him.

Apple Launches Beats Studio Buds+ In More Countries, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Apple this week began selling its new Beats Studio Buds+ in the UK and most other countries, with the exceptions of Brazil, Mexico, and Taiwan, where the earbuds will be available starting mid-August.

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack: Micro-review, by Matt Birchler, Birchtree

Say what you will about Apple having unfair advantages here, but the system integration is really what sold me on this pack.

AirCard’ Puts Apple’s Find My Tech Into An NFC-enabled Digital Business Card, by Fernando Silva, 9to5Mac

The main purpose of the AirCard is to be a tracker for your wallet while also being able to use the Find My network. The secondary function is to have it be used as a virtual business card. So if you are at an expo, an event, a business meeting, or just at a party, you can have someone scan your QR code or tap the NFC tag, and you can send over the information you want that other person to have.


Bob Iger Announced Exciting Plans For Apple's Vision Pro Headset, But After Wide Cuts, Some Are Questioning Disney's Appetite For 'Rebellious Innovation', by Lucia Moses, Insider

But the innovation team that worked on Disney's Apple Vision Pro offering is being disbanded, with its founder and leader exiting the company as part of the cuts.


Disney's announcement at Apple's WWDC was vague by design; as with any splashy tech rollout, some features that were promised may not happen. But inside Disney, there's pressure to deliver on the innovative offering just as staff and resources are being scaled back.

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Who knows what Hollywood and Disney will look like in one year's time, let alone when Apple finally release a mainstream (read: lower-cost) version of the Apple Vision. But I think it is safe to say, there will be shows on Apple TV+ that take advantages of the immersive viewing.


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