The Everything-and-Anything Edition Sunday, June 18, 2023

A Note To Steve Jobs Isn’t The Weirdest Thing In My Notes App – Not By A Long Shot, by Thomas Mitchell, The Sydney Morning Herald

All of which is to say, the Notes app is everything you want it to be and anything you need it to be: part therapist, part diary, part logistical planner, and part dumping ground for insane thoughts.

And while the Notes app is an inherently personal platform, it’s nice to know I’m not alone in spilling my soul.

Is Apple TV+ The New Place For Prestige?, by Usama Masood, Collider

It is clear from Apple TV+’s upcoming programming and their approach so far that the streamer's strong emphasis on creator-driven storytelling is allowing it to excel in all different genres and setting the service apart from others. [...] Apple TV+ may have less content overall, but it's been taking more risks and choosing to forego quantity over quality, making it the new place for prestige.

Young People Have No Idea What We Used To Do After Work. Let Me Regale You., by Dan Kois, Slate

The very idea that, once work hours were over, no one could get hold of you—via email, text, Slack, whatever—is completely alien to contemporary young people, who never let their cellphones leave their hands. Yes, it’s because they’re addicted, but it’s also because we’re all expected by bosses, co-workers, and friends to be online and available pretty much every time of day. Especially since the pandemic and the growth of remote work, job responsibilities seem to be ever-expanding to fill all available time. One survey suggests that U.S. workers were logged into their employers’ networks 11 hours a day in 2021, as opposed to 8 hours a day before the pandemic. A survey of U.K. workers found a majority said they wished their employers would restrict work communication to work hours only.

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