The Exists-to-Serve Edition Monday, June 26, 2023

I Turn Off Every Apple Watch Fitness Notification — Here’s Why, by Jeff Parsons, Tom's Guide

Let's get one thing straight: technology exists to serve you, not the other way round. With that concept firmly in place, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I disable a whole chunk of fitness notifications on my Apple Watch Ultra, Fitbit Charge 4 or whatever other health-related wearable I’ve got strapped to my wrist.

Apple Has Finally Unveiled The Vision Pro. Here’s What It’s Launching Next, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Some observers at WWDC noticed that the EyeSight feature wasn’t functional on the demo hardware. That stemmed partly from a desire for secrecy: The feature, which helps differentiate the headset from rival models, is one of the most locked-down aspects of the project. Now Apple can expand the number of engineers working on it to ensure that the technology is fully functional for next year’s launch.


But let’s get back to Apple’s existing product categories. The company is focused on several key updates for the second half of this year and the first half of 2024.

In addition to the iPhone 15 lineup this fall, there will be two Apple Watch Series 9 models and an updated version of the Ultra (the watches are codenamed N207, N208 and N210).


XML Is The Future, by Bite Code!

You do need the cloud, containers, nosql, go, rust and js build systems. Modern software requirements, customers’ expectations and incredible new features are not to be ignored.

Just not for everything.


Siri's A Disaster, And It Feels Like Apple Doesn't Care, by David Price, Macworld

I don’t understand why Siri isn’t Priority No. 1 at Apple Park right now. Because–and I must apologize to regular readers for harking back to a favorite complaint here–the voice assistant simply isn’t fit for purpose, and its deficiencies taint my experience with nearly every Apple device I own. That includes, as previously mentioned, the devices (such as the Apple Watch) on which I very rarely use Siri, because Siri won’t take a hint and pushes its way into my life anyway. But it’s particularly infuriating on the ones where I rely on Siri, which is to say the HomePods in the living room and kitchen, and the iPhone, hooked up to CarPlay when selecting songs on a drive.

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Is Siri the next butterfly keyboard?


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