The Not-VR-At-All Edition Thursday, June 29, 2023

Devs Find That Vision Pro Can’t Do True Room-scale VR, But That’s No Surprise, by Samuel Axon, Ars Technica

But look at it in terms of user experience and use cases, and you've got to agree that either Vision Pro is a severely limited VR headset that, in many ways, accidentally misses the point of VR (escaping reality into an uninterrupted virtual world), or it's not really meant as a competitive VR solution at all. What we're seeing with the discussions about these safety limitations is some VR developers being disappointed as they learn that it's not designed with their types of apps and games in mind.

Ahead Of Season 1 Finale, Apple Has Made The Entire First Episode Of ‘Silo’ Free — on Twitter, by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

You can’t buy prestige, and Apple has chosen to bestow some on Twitter through this promotion. Is it outrageous that Apple continues to advertise on Twitter? I say no. But it feels a bit skeevy, and more than a little curious, that they choose to.


Paste: The Clipboard Management Utility Gets An Elegant New Design On The Mac, by John Voorhees, MacStories

The focus of today’s update is the design of the Mac version app, but it’s also available on the iPhone and iPad. However, it’s the design of the Mac app that makes Paste feel so Apple-like and sets it apart from the myriad other clipboard managers that are available.

Aussie-made Simplsaver Budgeting App Eases Money Management, by Chris Button, GadgetGuy

Living up to its name, the locally-developed app avoids the complexity of many other budgeting solutions. After adding in your income and expenses, the app then calculates what your finances look like on a monthly basis.

SnapCalorie Taps AI To Estimate The Caloric Content Of Food From Photos, by Kyle Wiggers, TechCrunch

SnapCalorie, powered by AI, attempts to get an accurate calorie count and macronutrient breakdown of a meal from a single photo taken with a smartphone.


Apple Defies EU Over Antitrust Charges In Spotify Probe, by Foo Yun Chee, Reuters

Apple will on Friday seek to fend off a revised EU antitrust charge and possible hefty fine linked to claims it prevents music streaming companies such as Spotify from informing users of other buying options outside its App Store.


Apple has said there is no merit in the case triggered by a Spotify complaint in 2019, pointing to the Swedish music streaming service's dominant market share in Europe, where Apple Music trails in third or fourth place in most EU countries.

Its other argument is that it has revised rules to allow reader apps such as Spotify and Netflix to include links to their website for sign-ups and user payments, allowing app developers to bypass its controversial 30% App Store fee.

Brands Focus On Stories In Refining China Livestreaming To Boost Profits, by Casey Hall, Reuters

Apple's move illustrates how livestreaming is evolving in China from an initial model of massive sales via big discounts, as more big brands seek greater control of a process rendered costly by a fragmenting market and growing use of superhosts.

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If there isn't a visionOS app that puts flying toasters all around the room on launch day, I will be very disappointed.


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