The Minimalist-Style Edition Saturday, July 15, 2023

Apple TV Billboard Celebrates Lionel Messi’s Arrival In Miami, by Tim Nudd, AdAge

We’re just seven days away from Lionel Messi’s first game for Inter Miami, and the whole city, by all accounts, is basically going apeshit.

Apple TV has now added to the adoring madness by putting up a billboard saluting the Argentine superstar—World Cup winner and perhaps the best player ever to lace up a pair of boots—in typically minimalist Apple style.

NBA, Apple Have ‘Vision’ For How To Watch Games In The Future, by Thomas Barrabi, New York Post

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on Thursday said the league is working with Apple to bring a tech-enhanced viewing experience to its $3,499 Vision Pro virtual reality headset.

During an exclusive chat with The Post at Allen & Co.’s annual “summer camp for billionaires,” the hoops honcho hinted that fast breaks and slam dunks could be part of a reimagined courtside experience on Apple’s hotly anticipated device.


Apple Removes Gift Wrapping Option With 'Signature' Ribbon Box, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Apple no longer offers gift wrapping for online orders in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and select other countries where the option was available. References to gift wrapping were removed from Apple’s website this week, and the option no longer appears to be available at checkout.

Ridiculous Fishing Is Back, And It Is Still Very Ridiculous, by Andrew Webster, The Verge

Essentially, the update makes Ridiculous Fishing feel a touch more modern without messing with any of the parts that made it such a hit in the first place. In fact, this might be even more ridiculous — which is saying something.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Is Real But Has Nothing To Do With South Park, by Ash Parrish, The Verge

If you’re in need of a twee life sim (yes!), Hello Kitty Island Adventure seems like it’ll scratch that itch.


Anger And Fear After Popular Diabetes App Breaks, by Tom Gerken and Jamie Ryan, BBC

Abbott, which manufactures the FreeStyle Libre device, says it is the top sensor-based glucose monitoring system used worldwide.

But its app has stopped working on some Apple devices, and it has now been withdrawn from the App Store.

Meta And Google Are Blocking Links To News In Canada. The US Might Be Next., by Sara Morrison, Vox

This may have an impact well beyond Canada’s borders, as many countries — including the United States — are considering passing similar laws, and Meta and Google may respond similarly to them. Those countries are surely very interested in seeing how this all plays out in Canada as a guide to how things might go for them in the future. Meta and Google don’t want to back down, pay up, and set a further precedent. The Canadian government, on the other hand, doesn’t want to appear to give in to giant American companies and further illustrate how influential and powerful those companies are.

“Canada is this testbed for platforms, government, and media, and who gets to decide what the role of those platforms is and the power they have,” Alfred Hermida, a journalism professor at the University of British Columbia, told Vox. “This is going to set the tone.”

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I know to never blame the compiler (first) if my program is not working. It is almost always my fault, not the compiler, not the operating system.

Except today I forgot. I was hunting up and down why my program is no longer retrieving the list of playlists in my Apple Music account, toggling privacy settings, rebooting my machine. (It didn't help that this morning, I just wiped all my iTunes computer authorization to start again.)

Turns out, I forgot to publish a variable in my observed object. Totally, my fault.


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