The What's-Different Edition Tuesday, July 18, 2023

300 Times A Day, by Michael Lopp, Rands in Repose

I use Bear 300 times a day. Probably more. I could sketch their five preference screens from memory. I’ve written and edited two books in Bear. I’ve spent hours understanding how tags propagate through the system. Ask me about their sync system. Quiz me on their keyboard shortcuts.

When the update landed earlier this week, I held my breath for five minutes straight. The Verge article claimed a “rewrite from the ground up,” which sets the stage for a worst-case scenario for a critical tool. I fired up the updated app and watched them migrate my thousands of notes for a few seconds. The window appeared, and my first delicious thought was, “Wait, what’s different?”

Thank god.

Recent macOS Update Fixes Multi-Display Screen Saver Bug, by Adam Engst, TidBITS

I don’t know when Apple fixed the bug because the company didn’t see fit to mention it in any release notes. Regardless, in macOS 13.4.1, the screen saver again works properly with multiple displays. If, like me, you switched your screen saver module because it wouldn’t show on all your displays, you can now return to your preferred approach in System Settings > Screen Saver.

On App Stores

Apple Can Delay App Store Changes To File Supreme Court Plea, by Richard Lawler, The Verge

On Monday, Apple was granted a motion putting a hold on the appeals court ruling that would push the company to undo its “anti-steering” rules and let outside developers link to third-party payment mechanisms. The mandate is stayed for 90 days so Apple can file its request that the Supreme Court take up the case.


Once that petition is filed, it remains stayed until the Supreme Court decides to hear it and, if it does, until the Supreme Court weighs in.

Apple In India

Apple Has A Juicy $40 Billion Opportunity Ahead Of It, by Emily Bary, MarketWatch

India represents perhaps only $6 billion of Apple’s revenue today, driving just 2% top-line growth for the overall company over the past five years, Woodring wrote. That low relative contribution contrasts with $75 billion in revenue from greater China, where Apple has had more success thus far in tapping a huge market.

“But we believe that is about to change, as recent investments in brand awareness, local manufacturing, and affordability programs, combined with India’s economic boom and growing digitization, set the stage for India to become Apple’s next growth frontier,” Woodring wrote.

Foxconn Buys Worth $33 Mn Equipment From Apple For Expansion In India, by Debby Wu, Bloomberg

An Indian subsidiary of the Taiwanese company acquired equipment from Apple Operations Ltd. for operational needs, according to a filing from Foxconn’s Taipei-listed flagship unit Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.

The filing offered a rare glimpse into Foxconn’s dealings with its biggest customer, which sometimes helps finance the cost of equipment that the Taiwanese company uses to make the majority of the world’s iPhones.

India Is Now One Of Apple's Top 5 iPhone Markets For The First Time, by Arjun Kharpal, CNBC

India became Apple's fifth largest iPhone market in the second quarter, according to research released Tuesday, as the U.S. technology giant ramps up distribution and marketing in what CEO Tim Cook sees as a critical future market.

For Apple, India overtook Germany and France for iPhone sales in the June quarter, and is now behind the U.K., Japan, China and the U.S., Counterpoint Research told CNBC on Tuesday. It is the first time India has been one of Apple's top five markets for iPhone sales.


Apple Pay Launches In Morocco, by Tim Hardwick, MacRumors

CIH Bank is launching ‌‌Apple Pay‌‌ in the country as of Tuesday, according to the bank’s Twitter account. It’s not clear if other banks in Morocco will be coming on board with support for Apple’s digital payment method, but it’s likely.

Thunderbird 115, by Agen Schmitz, TidBITS

The update introduces a new Card view with updated folder, message list, and message display panes, while retaining the legacy Table view for veteran users.


The Future Of Children’s Television Isn’t Television, by Kate Knibbs, Wired

While the streamers have been jostling for dominance, though, YouTube has surpassed them all. “Time spent with YouTube is even higher than it is with streaming content,” says Nancy Jennings, a professor at the University of Cincinnati and director of the school’s Children’s Education and Entertainment Research Lab. “YouTube has really taken over the space.”

YouTube’s rise is tied to a number of factors. First, there’s how accessible it is. (Free!) Then there’s the sheer volume of video available. “Nothing can really touch it,” says Katie Bailey, editor of the children’s entertainment trade publication Kidscreen. (Trailing far behind in second place, in her estimation? “Netflix.”) It also offers unrivaled variety. Does your kid want to watch hundreds of hours of videos of garbage trucks? What about hundreds of hours of other children opening toys, or playing video games, or reciting Shakespeare, or participating in elaborate pranks, or touching slime? Hand them a tablet or smartphone. And when whatever your child has chosen has finished playing, YouTube’s algorithm has something else ready in the queue.

Popular 'Life-saving' Diabetes App Working Again, by BBC

An update had caused it to stop working on some Apple devices, causing distress to those depending on it for their glucose monitoring.

The manufacturer said a new version of the FreeStyle LibreLink app is now available to download which fixes the problems.

Apple And Goldman Sachs Crediting Some Customers Who Had Long Waits For Savings Withdrawal Requests, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

Some customers who had a poor experience with their Apple Savings accounts handled by Goldman Sachs are receiving one-time credits, according to an email received from MacRumors reader Michael, who made a withdrawal in May.

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Dear developers: there is no need to tell me the new version of your software is "rewritten from scratch". That is not something that I care to know.

Also: any new features that you are touting that are not here yet, I also don't care.


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