The Found-and-Reported Edition Friday, July 21, 2023

Google Says Apple Employee Found A Zero-day But Did Not Report It, by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai, TechCrunch

Google fixed a zero-day in Chrome that was found by an Apple employee, according to comments in the official bug report. While the bug itself is not newsworthy, the circumstances of how this bug was found and reported to Google are, to say the least, peculiar.

According to a Google employee, the bug was originally found by an Apple employee who was participating in a Capture The Flag (CTF) hacking competition in March. But that Apple employee did not report the bug, which at the time was a zero-day — meaning Google wasn’t aware of the bug and no patch had been issued yet. The bug was instead reported by someone else who also participated in the competition, didn’t actually find the bug themselves and wasn’t even on the team that found the bug.


The New Thunderbird UI Is Now Available And It's A Long Overdue Refresh, by Jack Wallen, ZDNet

As long as you don't expect a massive change in the Thunderbird UI, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how these subtle changes make using the app even easier.

PSA: Mophie Working On Firmware Fix For 3-in-1 Travel Charger With MagSafe Issue, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

This month, mophie shared an official statement acknowledging the issue and sharing that a firmware fix is coming “as soon as possible.” You can also email “ with “3 in 1” in the subject line plus your serial number in the message to get more info.


Good Code Is Like A Love Letter To The Next Developer Who Will Maintain It., by Addy Osmani

The beauty of our creations, however, is not judged solely by the elegance of our algorithms or the efficiency of our code, but by the joy and ease with which others can build upon our work. As developers, our task is not just to solve today's problems but also to ensure we do not become tomorrow's problem.


TSMC: Chip Giant Delays Arizona Production In Blow To Biden, by Annabelle Liang, BBC

Chipmaking giant Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) has delayed the start of production at its factory in the US state of Arizona, in a setback to President Biden's technology ambitions.

The firm says chip manufacturing will no longer start next year, due to a shortage of skilled workers.

Oops! Samsung Just Revealed Apple Is Working On A Foldable Touchscreen MacBook, by Jason England, Laptop

During this event, Samsung didn’t go into any concrete details about Apple’s foldable, but Baek Sueng-in, executive director of Samsung, did talk about how Cupertino’s debut into this market is a “necessary condition” for foldables as a whole to succeed. And to that end, Samsung Display is working on some key issues with them to meet Apple’s high standards.

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I will be surprised if Apple is not testing and working with foldable screens. Or rollable screens. Or stretchable screens.


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