The Endless-Possibilities Edition Sunday, July 23, 2023

Slice Of The Apple: Messi And Miami, by Alex Silverman, Sports Business Journal

A media partner playing such a direct role in the recruitment of a player is unique in North American sports, but then again so are Apple’s priorities, which go far beyond attracting subscribers to a streaming service. In 2022, iPhone sales accounted for more than half of the company’s $394.3 billion in annual revenue, and CEO Tim Cook has told investors that the company still has “lots of headroom for growth” in Latin America. Apple is betting that connecting Messi with his millions of adoring fans in his home region on a weekly basis can help expand the company’s position there.


“You sit down with a company like Apple, you understand the reach,” said Josh Kroenke, Colorado Rapids alternate governor. “It takes an athlete like Messi to truly maximize that reach. When an athlete like Messi and a company like Apple come together, the possibilities are really endless.”

What Would The Internet Of People Look Like Now?, by Elizabeth Lopatto, The Verge

What does the web look like if we decide to erase everything we’ve done since the dot-com crash? What kinds of communities can we build with the people who’ve come online since then? It’s certainly possible — even delightful — to teach them the old ways. But more and more, I think I don’t want an intermediated experience; I’m not interested in your algorithm. I’ve loved online because there are people there.

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What I don't miss, though, are Java applets and Flash plug-ins. And no RealPlayers either, please.

Okay, I can probably tolerate PointCast. Maybe it will be a good RSS client the second-time round. :-)


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