The However-It's-Done Edition Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Parents Are Using AirTags To Track Kids Too Young For A Phone, by Heather Kelly, Washington Post

Adults are putting trackers in backpacks, on bikes or directly on kids for extra accuracy. Online, companies sell hundreds of colorful tracker holders for children including wristbands, keychains, lanyards and pins. Some caregivers sew them into jackets or tie them to shoes to protect them from their chaotic hosts.


However it’s done, tracking kids is a sensitive subject. Is it surveillance-culture gone overboard, a smart hack for managing a busy family, or a way to claw back some of the freedom previous generations had that’s missing?

Apple Already Shipped Attestation On The Web, And We Barely Noticed, by HTTP Toolkit

Fraud & bots on the web are a real problem, and discussion on ways to defend against that is totally reasonable, and often very valuable! It's a hard problem. That said, this has to be carefully balanced against the health of the web itself. Blocking competition, hamstringing open-source and the open web, and removing all user control over their own devices is not a reasonable tradeoff.


Apple Preparing Sixth Annual 'National Fitness Day' Challenge For Apple Watch, by Zac Hall, 9to5Mac

Apple Watch customers in China can complete this year’s Activity Challenge for “National Fitness Day” in just two weeks.

Flighty 3.0 Adds New Flight Sharing Feature, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

Flighty Friends allows Flighty users to send their flight information to family and friends in a quick, easy to parse format. Flight details are easy to follow, so family members can monitor a flight, see if there are delays, and know when you land.

Darkroom Launches Preset Discovery Tool For Sharing And Installing Photo Edit Styles, by Zac Hall, 9to5Mac

Starting today, Darkroom is building a dedicated community for preset sharing right in the app. A new Preset Discovery button lets you browse and adopt tons of presets created by other Darkroom users.


Before You Try To Do Something, Make Sure You Can Do Nothing, by Raymond Chen, The Old New Thing

Start with something that does nothing. Make sure you can do nothing successfully. Only then should you start making changes so it starts doing something. That way, you know that any problems you have are related to your attempts to do something.


These Are 12 Of The Most Beautiful Apple Stores In Asia, by Srijoni Roy, Lifestyle Asia

Apart from creating the world’s smartest gadgets, Apple can undoubtedly be credited with revolutionising the retail experience through a series of hyper-innovative stores. Whether it is the architectural Piazza Liberty in Milan, Italy, or the expansive Sanlitun Store in Beijing, China, the focus on the brand’s signature minimalist aesthetic might be uniform but the results are intelligently unique. Across Europe, America, and Asia, Apple continues to set the benchmark when it comes to a definitive visual language. Today, we take a look at the most beautiful Apple stores in Asia.

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