The Circle-Scene Edition Thursday, August 3, 2023

Creating Podcast Video With A 360-degree Camera, by Jason Snell, Six Colors

Recently, the podcasters of The Incomparable got together in person and one of the things we did was exactly what you’d expect podcasters to do—we made podcasts. Given the unique situation of us being in the same room together, I decided to see if I could capture the podcasts on video, too.

The challenge is that I didn’t want to set up a bunch of cameras. I didn’t want the addition of video to be too invasive. For years now, I’ve imagined the video version of a podcast happening around a table as looking like the circle scene from “That ’70s Show.” A single camera at the center of the table can shoot the entire conversation.

Apple Spotlights Global Fintech Ambitions With ‘Pay The Apple Way’ Campaign, by Jessica Deyo, Marketing Dive

Apple is doubling down on its fintech ambitions with “Pay the Apple Way,” spotlighting the no-hassle framework of its Pay feature via an expansive campaign that could help market additional payment tools from the company that were unveiled earlier this year. Among the new features is a high-yield savings account for Apple Card users, announced in April, which has since reached over $10 billion in deposits. Apple also began rolling out its buy now, pay later program in March.

“Pay the Apple Way” is meant to present a solution to the inconveniences of traditional money-dealing like carrying around a bulky wallet, struggling to find the right card and feeling concerned about privacy. Apple is flexing the ease of its Pay feature, which allows payments to be made directly from an Apple device, with a DOOH experience that’s being billed as both dynamic and immersive, per release details. The ads will appear across prominent street and mall placements in London, Birmingham and Manchester in the UK along with Atlanta and Dallas in the U.S., touting straight-forward messages like “Your watch is your wallet” and “Pay the secure way.”

Apple's High-yield Savings Account Hits Over $10 Billion In Customer Deposits, by Reuters

Apple’s high-yield savings account offered by its partner Goldman Sachs has reached over $10 billion in customer deposits, the technology giant said on Wednesday.


Apple's Vision Pro Developer Labs Not Drawing Many Attendees, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the developer labs have been “under-filled with small amounts of developers.” One issue is that Apple is not offering U.S. developer labs outside of Cupertino, which means any developer that wants to try the Vision Pro must travel to Apple’s headquarters in California.

India Restricts Import Of Laptop, Computers To Push Local Manufacturing, by Aftab Ahmed, Munsif Vengattil and Shivangi Acharya, Reuters

India on Thursday said it will impose a licensing requirement for imports of laptops, tablets and personal computers with immediate effect, a move that could hit hard the likes of Apple, Dell and Samsung and force them to boost local manufacturing.

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Speaking of The 70's Show, I do miss a good sitcom with real audiences watching in front of a stage. Yes, I do know, no matter how real the audience is, there are still fake-ish laughters, and the show is not recorded in real time with a single take. But I long for something that can rival shows like Cheers and Friends.

Oh well. Time has changed.


I am close to doing what Jason Kottke did for his blog: a sabbatical. It will be a different kind of sabbatical over here on this little website, and it may start anytime without any announcements. Don't be surprised. Don't panic. Time will tell.


Thanks for reading.