The Murkier-Dividends Edition Saturday, August 5, 2023

Apple TV+ Is On A Scripted-Series Hot Streak. Are People Paying Attention?, by Ben Lindbergh and Rob Arthur, The Ringer

Apple TV+ has compiled quite a library of scripted originals less than four years after its November 2019 launch. Awards have followed, too [...] Apple’s pursuit of quality scripted content—delivered primarily via big-budget shows and films filled with stacked, marquee casts and deluxe visuals—has paid off in prestige, but the dividends in viewership, subscriptions, and revenue are murkier.


If Apple pulls back on its HBO ambitions, it “would actually be bad news” for content creators, ESG says, “because then you have a person who’s spending just tons of money, and they’re bailing out of the market.” It would also be bad news for many television viewers, who’d rather have Apple make great TV than make even more money.

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Can Apple TV+ weather the current Hollywood strikes? Will Apple lower the subscription price when the monthly output drops back down? Or is Apple already making more deals (not that we've heard of them) outside of U.S.?


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