The Harnessing-Other-Platforms Edition Tuesday, October 3, 2023

tvOS 17: The MacStories Review, by Sigmund Judge, MacStories

However, what started as a surprise with the announcement of FaceTime and Continuity Camera has since morphed into palpable belief in a brighter future for Apple TV and tvOS. Yes, Apple TV will continue to be a great destination for entertainment, but this year’s tvOS release offers a first glimpse of the platform harnessing the company’s other OSes and services too.

iOS 17.1 Finally Lets You Pick The Album To Use For The Photo Shuffle Lock Screen, by Benjamin Mayo , 9to5Mac

As of iOS 17.1, there’s a new option when you create a Photo Shuffle lock screen: the ability to choose a specific album. This gives you the control to choose what images you want to see on your lock screen, by curating a specific album or simply using the Favorites album.

Original Apple Watch Is Now Obsolete, Including $17,000 Gold Model, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

All first-generation Apple Watch models released in 2015 were added to Apple's obsolete products list on September 30, according to an internal memo obtained by MacRumors. As a result, these outdated "Series 0" watches are no longer eligible for repairs or other service at Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Provider locations.


Satya Nadella Tells A Court That Bing Is Worse Than Google — And Apple Could Fix It, by David Pierce, The Verge

The power of defaults is one of the central questions of the entire US v. Google case and will continue to come up. [...] Nadella is in the rare position to have seen both sides — what it’s like to be the default and what it’s like to contend when you’re not — and argued resolutely that defaults are the only thing that truly matters. Google, on the other hand, says that building the best product is the only thing that truly matters and that Bing has never come close to doing that. Which side of that debate Judge Mehta agrees with may be the story of this entire trial.

Apple Enforces New Check On Apps In China As Beijing Tightens Oversight, by Josh Ye, Reuters

Apple has started requiring new apps to show proof of a Chinese government licence before their release on its China App Store, joining local rivals years that had adopted the policy years earlier to meet tightening state regulations.


The decision by Apple comes after China further tightened its oversight over mobile apps in August by releasing a new rule requiring all app stores and app developers to submit an "app filing" containing business details with the regulators.

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I assume Apple is working on getting lock screen widgets on next year's macOS, right? And these lock screen widgets can live on the lock screen as well as on the menu bar, right?

Seems obvious to me.


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