The Digital-Overlay Edition Sunday, October 8, 2023

Radiant Photo Mobile Gives You A Powerful Editor In Your Pocket, by Mel Martin, FStoppers

The app stands out from mass of mobile photo editors, not just in its ability to transform photos but also in its user-friendly approach.

The 15 Best Hidden Spotify Tricks To Celebrate The Music App's 15th Birthday, by Mark Wilson, TechRadar

Spotify has been introducing new features at a rate of knots lately – most notably a free audiobooks perk for Premium subscribers – so it can easy to miss the handy tools buried in its increasingly bloated app.

An App Shows How Ancient Greek Sites Looked Thousands Of Years Ago. It's A Glimpse Of Future Tech, by Derek Gatopoulos and Theodora Tongas, AP

Visitors can now pinch and zoom their way around the ancient Greek site, with a digital overlay showing how it once looked. That includes a collection of marble sculptures removed from the Parthenon more than 200 years ago that are now on display at the British Museum in London. Greece has demanded they be returned.

For now, an app supported by Greece’s Culture Ministry allows visitors to point their phones at the Parthenon temple, and the sculptures housed in London appear back on the monument as archaeologists believe they looked 2,500 years ago.


How Chinese Keyboard Apps Could Potentially Put The Online Security Of Hundreds Of Millions In China At Risk, by Zeyi Yang, South China Morning Post

A smart, localised keyboard app can save a lot of time and frustration by predicting the characters and words a user wants to type. Today, more than 800 million Chinese people use third-party keyboard apps on their PCs, laptops and mobile phones.

But a recent report by the Citizen Lab, a University of Toronto-affiliated research group focused on tech­nology and security, revealed that Sogou, one of the most popular Chinese keyboard apps, had a massive security loophole.

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Launching screensavers as well as getting back to work from a running screensaver on the new macOS are painfully slow on my Intel-based Mac mini.

Looks like I need to start saving for a new Mac mini. I wonder how long a duration I have.


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