The Software-Fails Edition Friday, October 13, 2023

Cloudy With A Chance Of Insanity: Unsticking iCloud Drive, by Glenn Fleishman, TidBITS

While I had suffered from iCloud Drive synchronization problems in the past, I’d never had such a sustained and resistant issue as over the last five months. That’s right—five months. Worst of all? The problem is now solved, but I don’t know what caused it nor how to avoid it in the future. Apple’s engineering elves fixed it without sending information back through the super senior Apple technical support person I dealt with across many emails, calls, and hours of troubleshooting.


Experiences like mine and Dan’s may be rare, but they exemplify what happens when Apple’s “it just works” approach to software fails, leaving users with no ready path forward. I hope this detailed accounting will help others who encounter similar problems.

iPhone Recommendations For Senior Citizens, by Adam Engst, TidBITS

It’s important to note that older users may require more accommodation than younger users. They usually know what they want, but they’re more likely to have physical limitations (like low vision or arthritis in the hands), their level of technical experience can vary more widely, and they need good reasons to learn new things. What works for one person may be inappropriate for another. If you’re helping someone pick out or set up an iPhone, listen carefully to what they say they want and combine that with what you know about their strengths and weaknesses.


Apple AirTags Stalking Led To Ruin And Murders, Lawsuit Says, by Ashley Belanger, Ars Technica

This month, more than three dozen victims allegedly terrorized by stalkers using Apple AirTags have joined a class-action lawsuit filed in a California court last December against Apple. They alleged in an amended complaint that, partly due to Apple's negligence, AirTags have become "one of the most dangerous and frightening technologies employed by stalkers" because they can be easily, cheaply, and covertly used to determine "real-time location information to track victims."


Victims suing alleged that Apple knew that AirTags could be used by stalkers but advertised them as "stalker-proof" anyway. Then, when its "stalker-proof" protections were "exposed as totally inadequate," Apple had to scramble for the past two and a half years to "address its failures in protecting people from unwanted, dangerous tracking," their complaint said.

Caltech Ends High-stakes US Patent Fight With Apple And Broadcom, by Blake Brittain, Reuters

Caltech said in the Wednesday filing that it would dismiss the billion-dollar case with prejudice, which means that it cannot be refiled.

Both sides told the court in August that they had reached a “potential settlement” without disclosing additional details. Representatives for Caltech, Apple and Broadcom did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Thursday.

Flappy Dird: Flappy Bird Implemented In MacOS Finder, by

I like putting games in weird places [...]

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When I purchased my current iPhone mini 12, back in the day, my iCloud stopped working after I've migrated all my apps over. Apple Support on the phone was professional, but I don't recall they've ever told me what went wrong, even after the matter was fixed.

I always assumed one of the apps were syncing too much data that it crashed the server.


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