The You-and-Your-Surrounding Edition Sunday, October 15, 2023

Stay Calm. Stay Focused. Stay Energised. The App That Tickles Your Brain., by Richard Sibley, TechRadar

Endel takes inputs from you and your surroundings, adapts the music or soundscape, and personalizes it. It can take the time of day and the amount of light to adapt to your circadian rhythm. It reacts to the weather. It can change the pace of the music to your heart rate by comparing your actual heartbeat to your resting heartbeat, using health data from your smartwatch or health device. It can adapt the intensity of the music based on the number of steps you are taking a minute.

The Internet Once Belonged To Freaks And Geeks, In The Best Way Possible. What Happened?, by Patrick Marlborough, Slate

The great irony in all this, of course, is: What is the value of the internet when all the fringe-dwellers have been pushed off it? What’s the forest without Bigfoot, anyway, when those tearing it down can’t see it for the trees?

Teaching Apple Cyberdog 1.0 New Tricks (Featuring OpenDoc), by Cameron Kaiser, Old Vintage Computing Research

At its core, Cyberdog was really just an overgrown demonstration of OpenDoc. We're going to necessarily explore OpenDoc's underpinnings in this article, but OpenDoc's basic idea grew from what was initially just a standardized compound document format to defining an entire object-oriented approach, where reusable viewer and editor components could be pulled as instances into such a document and maintain their own views and state. The document, not the app you were running, thus determined its own functionality. Under John Sculley this concept became "Project Amber" in 1993 as a stepping stone to fully realizing Apple's flavour of Taligent, the bundle of next-generation technologies to run on top of their intended successor to System 7, Pink. Eventually Taligent was to use it as its primary compound document format.

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I have one podcast playlist that I have created just for listening in the middle of the night, when I wake up and cannot get back to sleep, and just to occupy my brain enough to not to be thinking of new ways to get myself worried, but not to so occupied that my brain figured that it is now interested in hearing what the two guys in the podcast have to say to each other.

The delicate balance has been broken this past week, and I now shortlisting new podcasts.


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