The Game-With-Sonoma Edition Tuesday, October 17, 2023

How macOS Sonoma's Game Mode Drops Everything But Frames, by Brady Snyder, XDA Developers

Game Mode is enabled on macOS Sonoma by default, and for good reason. Unless you have specific processes running in the background while you game, there's no reason to disable Game Mode. As these synthetic tests show, Game Mode isn't just a marketing ploy by Apple to get you playing games on the best Macs out there. The feature actually does make a difference, and it's worth using anytime you game with macOS Sonoma.

What Does Game Mode Do?, by Howard Oakley, The Eclectic Light Company

This article starts to explain a bit more about Game Mode and what it really does, a topic that seems to have drawn a bit of blank elsewhere.


Shopify, Apple Roll Out iOS 17 Object Capture For AR Shopping, by Demond Cureton, XR Today

In September, Shopify, one of the world’s largest eCommerce platforms, unveiled its latest integration—Apple’s iOS 17 Object Capture—for creating augmented reality (AR) 3D digital assets on-the-fly. Using an iPhone Pro with a LiDAR scanner, online stores can now have access to a completely free, cutting-edge platform to upload items directly from the physical to the virtual.

Zoom One Review, by Daniel Brame & Neil McAllister, PC Magazine

Zoom One's impressive transformation from a simple video conferencing app to a full communication hub makes it a robust, business-friendly collaboration tool.

How Beeper Is Trying To Make Sense Of All Your Messaging Apps, by David Pierce, The Verge

Beeper is, in some ways, trying to bring back the good ol’ days of messaging apps. Fifteen years ago, there were lots of competing platforms — MSN, Yahoo, AIM, and others — but you could use an app like Pidgin or Jabber to bring them all together. The systems weren’t completely interoperable the way email is, but it didn’t really matter; you could just talk to your friends without worrying about what platform they used.


Apple Boss Tim Cook Makes Surprise China Visit, by Chris Vallance, BBC

Though in an upbeat mood as he met gamers in the city of Chengdu, the company faces flagging iPhone demand in the country, analysts suggest.

It is his second trip to China this year - in March he said Apple had a "symbiotic" relationship with China, a key manufacturing base.

But the firm's operations in the country have been complicated by Covid and US-China tensions.

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Yesterday, my iPhone rebooted itself, right before my very eyes.

What happened was this: I was at work, and it was getting noisy. So, I took out my AirPods, put them on, and was waiting for the connected-tone before I start playing music. I was waiting and waiting and waiting, and nothing happened. I pressed on the AirPods, hoping it will start playing music, and nothing happened.

So I glanced down at my iPhone, and saw the big Apple logo.

(Things seem to be working fine after the reboot was done.)

This has probably nothing to do with the bug where iPhones are mysteriously shutting down in the middle of the night.


Thanks for reading.