The Extra-Helpful Edition Sunday, October 22, 2023

15 Ways Apple's Reminders App Can Keep You On Task, by Lance Whitney, PC Magazine

With the update to iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, you can create grocery lists, set up an early reminder alarm, quickly add new reminders based on previous ones, organize your reminders into sections, and complete a reminder from its widget.


Microsoft Fixes The Excel Feature That Was Wrecking Scientific Data, by Wes Davis, The Verge

Microsoft detailed the update in a blog post this week, adding a checkbox labeled “Convert continuous letters and numbers to a date.” You can probably guess what that toggles. The update builds on the Automatic Data Conversions settings the company added last year, which included the option for Excel to warn you when it’s about to get extra helpful and let you load your file without automatic conversion so you can ensure nothing will be screwed up by it.

The Best Augmented Reality Games For Mobile, by Bryan M. Wolfe, Stuff

These titles come in many forms and cater to different audiences. There’s Euclidean Lands, a great puzzle game suitable for all ages, while My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR is designed for younger users. Whether you want to catch Pokémon, battle with Warhammer or become a god, there’s an AR game out there for you.


Could "News Sobriety" Save Your Mental Health?, by Tanner Garrity, InsideHook

In a recent appearance on The Tim Ferris Show, a tech CEO named Sam Corcos claimed that he has been “fully news sober” for nearly a decade. What does that mean? No news, no television, no articles, no social media.

“No current events in any form,” he told an astonished Ferris. “I read Ryan Holiday’s book, Trust Me, I’m Lying, which really frightened me about the state of the media…[It was] originally a one-month experiment…[I decided] I’m just going to try a one-to-one replacement of reading books during that time period. And I read eight books that month, which was more than I probably read in the previous five years.”

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