The Mac-Centered Edition Monday, October 23, 2023

Inside Apple’s Big Plan To Bring Generative AI To All Its Devices, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

I’m told that the company tabled the iMac Pro plan a while ago due to cost concerns. So Apple has had to adjust. That’s included positioning the Mac Studio and Studio Display combination as a high-end iMac replacement. But any passionate iMac user knows that’s not an apples-to-apples comparison.

Fortunately, a new iMac is finally on the way. As I reported in March, the company has been readying the updated 24-inch iMac — a model that could be out soon. How soon? Well, I’m told that Apple is planning a Mac-centered product launch around the end of this month. That could be its chance to announce this model.


Mi'kmaw Language Users Can Now Text With New Apple Keyboard, by Oscar Baker III, CBC

The Mi'kmaw language keyboard, which rolled out Friday as part of Apple software updates, was a partnership between Apple and Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey, a language education authority for 12 communities in Nova Scotia.


Tim Cook Can't Make iPhones Without This Chinese Company And Its CEO, by Yang Jie, Wall Street Journal

Many Apple customers may not be familiar with Luxshare Precision or its leader Grace Wang, but they likely own its handiwork. Along with other Apple contractors, Luxshare manufactures AirPods, the Apple Watch and the recently released iPhone 15, including the top-of-the-line iPhone Pro Max. Luxshare is also the assembler of Apple’s first mixed-reality headset, due to reach consumers next year.


One reason: Chinese CEOs such as Wang are experts at doing what Apple wants.

Her story is intertwined with that of Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology, which long dominated iPhone assembly at its “iPhone city” in central China. Luxshare started by taking orders that Foxconn couldn’t fulfill and now is eating into Foxconn’s Apple share, according to analysts.

Chinese Retailers Offer Deep iPhone 15 Discounts, by Sophie Yu and Brenda Goh, Reuters

In China, Apple will occasionally allow partner vendors to offer discounts to spur demand. But Chinese e-commerce platforms have also been locked in a "value for money" battle as consumers tighten their belts amid a slowing economy, with discounting a key focus of forthcoming annual Singles Day shopping festival.

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It will probably be bad for Apple if the company has to announce, one year, that its iPhones are delayed and there will not be new versions for a single year. I am sure there are a lot of contigency plans and what-nots to ensure such a scenario doesn't happen.

Maybe it's time for Apple to also impose such discipline to its Mac and iPad lines. I know Apple want to release new computers only when the upgrades are truly ready, but it will definitely help the business if these products aren't, it seems to me, prepetually in transitional phases.


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