The New-Computers Edition Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Apple Announces ‘Scary Fast’ Oct. 30 Event To Roll Out New Macs, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

On Tuesday, the company announced plans for a presentation next week, dubbing the showcase “Scary Fast.” The event will take place at 5 p.m. California time, airing on Apple’s website and online video services such as YouTube.

The logo for the event morphs into the icon for the Mac’s Finder — the application for managing files — in an clear indicator that new Mac computers will be the main introduction next week.

Repairability vs Integrity

Apple Announces New Nationwide Right To Repair Commitment, by Makena Kelly, The Verge

Apple announced that it would be making all of the parts, tools, and information necessary for consumers and repair shops to fix the device maker’s products during a White House event on Tuesday.


“We intend to honor California’s new repair provisions across the United States,” Brian Naumann, Apple vice president and general manager of the company’s repair business, said during Tuesday’s meeting. “Apple also believes that consumers and businesses would benefit from a national law that balances repairability with product integrity, usability and physical safety.”

Apple Stores Begin Same-Unit iPhone 15 Repairs As Parts Now Available, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Starting this week, parts are available for all four iPhone 15 models, allowing Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers to complete same-unit repairs for these devices, according to an internal memo obtained by MacRumors. This includes the back glass, battery, speakers, display, rear camera, and mid-frame.

Bye, iTunes

Apple To Revamp TV App In Step Toward Simplifying Video Services, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

As part of the overhaul, the company will discontinue its dedicated apps on the Apple TV set-top box that let users rent and buy movies and shows. It will also remove the movie and TV show sections from the iTunes Store app on iPhones and iPads.


The revamped app on the Apple TV box will include a new side panel on the left-hand side for navigating between video categories, matching a design aesthetic used by Netflix Inc. and other streaming services. In addition to running on Apple’s set-top box, the app is available on smart TVs produced by other companies.

Apple Is Finally Killing Off iTunes – For Real This Time, by Kirk McElhearn, Intego

iTunes. It was a magical name. It opened up musical vistas and inspired people to rip, mix, and burn their music. It moved music onto the most influential portable music player of the century. It created a store where you could buy new music with a click. But everything ends, and perhaps it’s time to bid farewell to iTunes.


Apple Pay Later Officially Launches In U.S. Following Early Access Period, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Apple Pay Later is a "buy now, pay later" feature that lets qualifying customers split a purchase made with Apple Pay into four equal payments over six weeks, with no interest or fees. The feature is available for eligible purchases between $75 and $1,000 made on an iPhone or iPad on most websites and apps that accept Apple Pay.

Apple Releases iTunes For Windows Update With Option To Listen To Podcasts And Audiobooks, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

According to Apple's release notes, downloading iTunes 12.13 will allow Windows users to listen to podcasts and audiobooks through the iTunes app so long as the Apple Music and Apple TV apps are installed.

Go Trick-or-treating With The Peanuts Gang In This Halloween-themed Charlie Brown iPhone App, by Kevin Lynch, iMore

Narrated by Peter Robbins, the original voice of Charlie, the app also allows you to make your own Peanuts character and dress them up in a spooky costume for the holiday. There’s also a selection of Halloween-themed games, like pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, and trick-or-treating with the Charlie and his pals, whole you also get a chance to play piano with Schroeder.


TestFlight Makes It Even Simpler To Manage Testers, by Apple

Improved controls in App Store Connect let you better evaluate tester engagement and manage participation to help you get the most out of beta testing.


Why Apple’s Weather App Is So Bad, by Alex Abad-Santos, Vox

The basic idea: everyone gets their weather data from the same place, and there shouldn’t be drastic variances between what weather companies and apps are saying. Also: stop complaining.

But Stine did have a small concession. He explained that my complaints aren’t about the grand scale of weather forecasting which, as he pointed out, can have major economic and governmental impacts. My grumble, he said, is more about the trend of what he calls “now-casting” — and that’s a very different animal.

Used iPhone 12 And 13 Minis Are Hot In Japan As Apple Screens Go Big, by Ryuju Funatsu, Nikkei Asia

Demand for older, smaller iPhones has jumped in Japan since Apple introduced the iPhone 15 series as fans seek a niche that the new lineup does not fill.

Broadcasters Ask Government To Make Apple Pay News Outlets Under Online News Act, by Anja Karadeglija, National Post

The Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) said under the government’s proposed regulations only Google and Meta are covered by the Online News Act, “even though there are other platforms that benefit from the distribution of news content and are negatively impacting news businesses in Canada.”

The group gave the example of Apple, which includes Apple News, a free news-aggregator app, with its products and also offers Apple News+, a paid subscription service for content including magazines and newspapers. “The CAB believes that such services should be scoped into the framework, rather than excluded up front,” it said.

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Because it's almost Halloween, the new iMacs will come in five different shades of color of the night: gray. Either that, or we are getting Pumpkin Power and Black Dalmatian iMacs.


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