The Navigating-Difficulties Edition Monday, October 30, 2023

How Apple Gave People A Library Of Classical Music – And Made It Accessible, by David Phelan, Independent

Earlier this year, Apple launched Apple Music Classical as a standalone music app that comes included in the price of Apple Music. It was an unusual move for a streaming platform perhaps more associated with Drake and Taylor Swift. And building it was a major undertaking, given the vast complexity of classical music libraries and the difficulties in navigating them.

Apple Music Classical continues to grow. In its latest move, Apple announced a new partnership between Apple and the London Philharmonic Orchestra with the release of a live recording of Berlioz’s The Damnation of Faust coming on 3 November. This is just one of the partners Apple Music Classical has.


Arc 1.14, by Agen Schmitz, TidBITS

The Browser Company has released Arc 1.14, introducing a Shared Collections feature that enables you to share permanent links to Spaces, Folders, Split Views, and selected tabs to anyone on any browser.

Eve Motion: The Best HomeKit Motion Sensor, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

The Eve Motion sensor connects directly to the Home app on your iPhone, triggers HomeKit automations quickly in response to motion events, and has a very reliable connection in my experience of many months of real world use.

Resident Evil Village Now Available On The Apple App Store Globally, by Abel Wong, TechNave

Resident Evil Village has finally arrived on the Apple App Store just in time for Halloween tomorrow. Mind you, this is not some mobile version of the game but a full-fledged one.


Apple Is Getting Ready For Prime Time, by Alex Cranz, The Verge

This big prime time Apple event feels like the natural next step for the company. No one else in the tech space has had the same success as Apple at getting people to treat their announcements as big events. [...]

And after the iPhone event, it feels pretty clear the company has come close to the pinnacle of what it can do with an hour-long mid-day infomercial. One of the only ways to get bigger, grab more attention, and become a more consistent part of the conversation is to go prime time.

Apple’s Blue Ocean, by John Siracusa, Hypercritical

When thinking about Apple’s next blue ocean, it’s tempting to ignore past innovations. Technological progress seems like an arrow pointing in only one direction, never turning back. But I just can’t shake the idea that a return to removable, user-accessible batteries has now become a blue-ocean opportunity just waiting for Apple to sieze it.

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